Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 9 - Sunday

Right, day 9 the final day of digging hell. The aim today was to finish excavating the nemesis. Save for 5 cm I made it, halle-fucking-lujah !

The right side is all but complete and the skip is full to overflowing, I still can't believe how much has come out of such a small area.

So close of play today is:


And skip number two is a little full...

So what's next ?, well unfortunately back to work for a bit until I can arrange another weeks annual leave. Then the fun really starts, installation of the sleepers building the frame and laying the deck boards. I have a sneaking feeling that I may need to level off the ground area a little so no doubt another skip will be needed.

And the last laugh... is on Google, whose street view and Google earth images of my house are ridiculously out of date ! up yours you mocha drinking, wireless data stealing, pointless OS creating, Apple wanna be  pricks..

Just to note that writing this post on Blogger (Owned by Google) using Chrome, Google is identified as an incorrect spelling with Goggle and Googly as the first two suggestions - muppets, ffs.

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