Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's back on like Donkey kong..

Right, I've booked another weeks annual leave which begins tomorrow (9th August 2010) and I'm ready for decking action..

This is the last block of time I will spend working on the garden decking project so it has to be completley finished by Sunday 15th August.. no excuses, no nothing it must be done by then, for my sanity if nothing else.

Everything is prepared, the wood for the decking frame was delivered last week and I've loaded up with frame and decking screws from a local DIY store this weekend. I did think about starting this weekend but in the end something much more fun came up...

As I'm sure many people do we regularly visit ikea for this and that, most trips normally result in my son wanting to purchase just about everything child related in the store and being a little upset when we don't.

One of his favourite things is the Ikea childs play kitchen:

An impressive looking bit of kit however, what you are looking at is actually two items with a total cost of £96.00 !

Not wanting to deny our son or to outlay almost £100 we decided to build our own play kitchen by buying various bits'n'pieces and then slapping them together.

So with all the pieces to hand and my son and partner away for the weekend I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning constructing this !!!

I am really very happy with the result and I had so much fun building it ! and the best is yet to come when I see the look on my sons face when he sees it :)

With that diversion aside here's looking forward to day 10 of the garden resurrection project..


  1. We've linked to this from mumsnet and we are so impressed, fantastic work decking the garden,seemed a huge project and you should be really proud of it.