Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 16 - Sunday

The final day !! tomorrow I'm back to work so today really needed to go well, luckily it did.

First job was to go and purchase the extra pea gravel needed to fill the frame before laying the deck. I went for an additional 15 bags of gravel which took two trips to collect as I didn't want to break the car.

Here they are ready to go:

With all the gravel in place the frame is ready for decking, it's a shame I'll never see the frame again I have grown quite fond of it, and with the decking boards down you will never see the engineering which went into it, oh well..

After 15 days of really f''king back breaking hard graft it was time to finally lay the decking boards.

With all the decking boards screwed in tight there was nothing left but to sweep up, luckily I had a little help.

Obviously there is still some work to do, the side sleeper arrangement needs finalising and fixing, the back bed needs turning over and then there is all the planting. The main thing is the deck is finished, thank f$&k. With such a small garden it was difficult to know what best to do with it, many ideas were discussed but we always came back to this one although it seemed almost impossible to achieve. I'm so glad we stuck with the hardest but ultimately the best option.

I have vowed not to touch anything DIY related for at least the next two weeks, but I'll probably break it come the weekend...

So the end result after 16 days of toil is arms like hams, a sore back, empty wallet and this, and I for one couldn't be happier. See you.

And let's remeber how it used to look just a month ago..

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  1. You've done an amazing job! Well done! Any chance of an update? It would be nice to see the garden as it is now with the side sleepers in place and the planting done.