Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 11 - Tuesday AM

Right then Jesus, time for you and I to have a heart to heart my cloth wearing friend..

I have a modest number of days annual leave allocated by my masters each year and I try to use them wisely, normally a weeks family holiday and then the required days for Christmas, after that I tend to use them to achieve various home improvement projects to better the life of my family, and the value of our property (which is negative by the way, thanks Gordon you twat !).

So I'm into the second week of annual leave to turn our garden from some 'Ground Farce' botch up into a space that is both pleasant, useful and safe for my son. And what do you do, strike at me at every turn, it's baking hot for the weeks I spend travelling 5 hours a day to the hell hole that is London, sweating it out on the tube of death and then as soon as I'm on leave.. you make it piss it down with rain all day today ! the garden now looks like a Glastonbury mud bath and every job is twice as hard to get done.

You may as well send round the four horsemen to help with the measuring up, ffs

Some say you were misunderstood, and some that history had to play out this way for a higher purpose. I tell you what though,  if I'd been there on 1st April 33 I'd have used more than 3 nails..

**RANT OVER** Until we clash swords again JC.

Observe the mud bath..

So all I've really achieved today is to move the decking boards inside (again), measure up for the width of the sleepers that form the back wall and cut them to length. Ideally I'd like to get them in today, and then drill the pilot holes for the decking frame although after measuring up it looks like there will be a fair bit of work to get the rear sleeper wall level. This is important as it will provide the guide to laying the side sleepers.

I'm also aware that after laying out the frame yesterday I may need to lower the ground level a little to get the correct depth, and I'm a little strapped for where to put the spoil as I really do not want to hire yet another skip.

Anyway, back into the breech..

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