Monday, 9 August 2010

Day 10 - Monday

Well then, here it is day 10, unfortunately it did not get off to the best start..

I went to a local DIY store to grab a couple of extra sleepers, despite having previously purchased 8 sleepers from the same store just 4 short weeks ago they no longer stock 'that' model of sleeper in store anymore, only one that is smaller shorter and is really more a bit of wood than a sleeper, ffs.

It took about 5 minutes to extract this information from the worlds most unhelpful and dense 'customer services operative' who seemed barely aware of what line of business his employer was in.. and for once the employee wasn't some young disaffected cool kid whose only care is texting on his mobile, his face book status and how best to score with the hot chick on Friday night round the back of the local church... No, the 'customer services operative' in question was some senile silver haired mutha fooker, part of the 'Free jobs at DIY stores for all retired idiots, no interview required' programme which is so popular these days.

Anyway with an hour of my life wasted I headed home to get stuck in. The first job was to finish shaping the right hand side to the required depth and get it vertical.

With that done I moved the decking boards inside to give me room to layout the outside edge of the frame with a sleeper on each side and measure up.

The decking frame will be 261 cm wide and 360 cm deep, this will make it 18 decking boards wide with a 5mm gap between each board for expansion.

With the measurements in hand I marked up and cut all 9 of the frame cross beams to length and laid them out in a rough fit.

The main issue with screwing the frame together will be the clearance or lack of on each side, this will make it very difficult to get in with the electric screwdriver and impossible for the drill so I will need to mark and pre-drill the pilot holes for the screws. I'll make that the first job for tomorrow.

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