Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 6 - Thursday PM

Spoke too soon, big JC was mocking me. I got out back to face the nemesis, got 3 chuggs full and the heavens opened. Fuck it, I just carried on, even Jesus can't best me.

The hordes of rain have turned the whole excavation into a soggy bog which has just made everything really messy, shoveling  is particularly hard now that the dig out sticks together, on the plus side the rain has actually made it easier working with the pick.

Anyway despite the odds ranged against me I made fair progress, on the left side I've almost reached the magic distance. I should mark the back dig line in paint, that way the photos will easily show progress.

So final pic for the day:

PS - Annual leave for DIY project beard is really rocking now !

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