Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 7 - Friday

Dear God everything hurts so bad ! The endless pick, shovel and chugg work is really relentless on the muscles. The first round is the worst each day as all the pain comes flooding back as soon as I pick up the pick.

Fantastic progress today though, I faced off against the nemesis this morning and I have finally reached the back dig line, hurrah !

I tested the depth by laying out a few decking boards, it is difficult to see but I can almost imagine the finished result.

With the back line reached I cracked into digging out the left side. When finished the back and each side will be lined by sleepers with the deck sitting snug between and some heavy planting in the back bed to obscure the wall. The left side is now all but finished with just smoothing to get it vertical remaining.


Until very recently our neighbour had a huge hedge on the boundary of her garden right behind our fence, the hedge has now been removed and some god awful pebble gravel hell makeover inflicted on her garden by a bunch of cowboys who must have been on Watchdog or Rouge Traders at least once.. anyway it's all very good having your hedge chopped down to the stumps but that doesn't take care of the bastard roots which have spent years infiltrating your neighbours garden. Excavating the left side I seem to come across a root every other swing of the pick.

So far my collection looks like this, and that's just this afternoon:

The rule of aeration is one that will catch  you off guard if you every go Dizzie Rascal (bonkers) insane and decide it's a good idea to dig out your back garden, essentially the rule states that for each quantity of tightly compacted earth you remove the process of excavation aerates it and results in it taking up 1.5 x the space of the original compacted size, I can best demonstrate this with a picture of skip number two..

So it's looking like this 'little project' will take 2 weeks of annual leave, 3 skips and far too much money for my liking to complete, oh well.

Roll on day 8 - awesome.

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