Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 4 - Tuesday

Today didn't start off too well. Jesus has turned his eyes back on me and sent the rain, after weeks and weeks of  nothing but heat, most of which I've spent sweating it out on trains and the London tube now the big JC sees fit to make it rain, figures..

The the rain has turned the garden into a fair Glastonbury approximation which just makes everything more difficult, I need two pairs of shoes, one for garden and one for moving stuff through the house to the skip, also I called for a new skip today as the current one is really, really full, unfortunately they cannot drop the new one until Wednesday...ho hum.

So what did I achieve today, well the sleepers and decking boards arrived from Wickes. Annoyingly they will only unload to the kerbside which left only me to lug 8 sleepers and 26 decking boards through the house. I also ordered two 2.7 metre fence posts, one is ok the other more banana than post !

I stashed the sleepers under the table in the conservatory and the decking in the garden, I'll no doubt have to move it at least half a dozen times as I work on the dig out.


I've finished removing the last of the stone postcrete hell layer from the higher level which is now all lovely naked bare earth, hurrah and shifted about 16 chuggs of crap to the skip. Looking at the size of the skip and how full it is I'm amazed there is anything left in the garden yet there's still this unrelenting wall of earth.

Most of the work today was under heavy drizzle which made for a fun time and also slowed me down quite a bit. To end the day I took the pick to the never end wall of brown and pushed back the dig line a little further, although I'll need to wait for the new skip before I can remove it.

So finally I'd like to introduce you to Hat ! I bought this cap from some surf/skate shop about 4-5 years ago, I don't wear hats or cap except when I'm undertaking DIY. Hat has been a loyal and trusted partner in crime through all our DIY projects over the years but I fear he is now reaching the end of his life, he smells bad, is very loose on the head and pretty stained.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have decided the garden resurection project will be Hats last. Once finished I'll build a funneral pire and burn him Vader style ! or maybe just chuck it in the bin.

Anyhow, all hail the HAT...

P.S. Annual leave for DIY project beard is coming on really well !

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