Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 5 - Wednesday AM

Rain has once again delayed play for now, thanks JC !, so time for a quick update...

The new skip finally arrived at about 11:30am, I have to say there is quite some skill in in swinging around a 17 tonne skip lorry in a small cul-de-sac. Everything went well save for a hairy moment when the driver was picking up my full skip, which by this time was sat in the top of the new one which he'd just put down on the drive and the chains grappled the new skip too, but on one side only and the whole mess swung out at 45 degrees across my neighbours drive ! good thing I asked her to move her car..

With the new skip in place I could commence excavation. Now the really hard slog begins, the wall and steps are gone, the top layer of crap removed and all that is left is to battle through the looming wall of brown hell.

I was feeling really weak with muscles aching like hell this morning, no doubt due to working in the damp drizzle yesterday so the first pick, digging out and round of chuggs was a real ball ache. The end goal is to excavate back 3.6 metres from the conservatory which will be the length of the deck, 3.6 metres seem a long way off..

A little note on ambition. It is easy to have ambition but another thing entirely to fulfil and deliver on it. As a person I am very stubborn when I decide to do something, in as much as I will not compromise on what I initially decided to achieve, no matter how hard the road to completing that goal is. This is both a good and bad personality trait, at the moment I'm verging towards bad.

But as a good friend pointed out to me the other day the end result will make it all worth while, spot on !

Rain has abated so back to the coal face.

Progress so far:

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