Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 6 - Thursday AM

The morning started off well, my son has gone swimming with Granny leaving me free to tackle the wall of brown once more.. I think for now I will refer to the wall as my nemesis, and the project as 'The Work'.

So with the floor mats laid out I headed out back to face the nemesis and continue The Work. I made good progress shifting about 16 chuggs of dig out until JC sent the rain and play was called off.

I'm just waiting for the rain to abate and then I'll be back at it..

On a side note I'm thinking that I was slightly 'over ambitious/deluded/possessed by madness' to think I could get this done in one week so with that in mind I have decided to realign my end goal for the week. I will now aim to have the dig out complete before the end of my annual leave. This will leave the best and most enjoyable task of installing the sleepers, frame and laying the decking for either weekends or another week of annual leave. It is always this final phase of a project when I feel the most satisfaction, when all the back breaking ground work allows you to bring everything together very quickly.

I love my job, or at least my chosen profession of IT however nothing can really beat creating something with your hands where nothing existed before and then being able to see and touch what you created.

Looks like the big JC has granted a reprieve and called off the rain... back to it, it's going to be wet, muddy and difficult..but I love it really!

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